“We all say, We Do!”

When we think of a marriage we think a joining of two people, a couple. Marriage is much more than that.

Marriage involves families and friends. When a bride and/or groom have children, it is a wonderful time to include them in the wedding ceremony. It seals a new bond for a new family!

Make your child or children feel involved on that special day by including them in the ceremony and the planning stages. Present the child with a gift from both parents as a symbol of the new family; a bracelet, necklace or any significant love token.

Your ceremony can incorporate the children making a vow to their new parent and for the parent to make a vow to that child.

Include a sand blending ceremony to keep as keepsake after the wedding.

I am happy to have the initial meet at no cost and no obligation and talk you through the ceremony and incorporating ideas that you may have or have not thought about.

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